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Charles Bosworth

Silent Witness

An unsolvable murder. An unstoppable prosecutor. A compelling true-crime story. A gripping behind-the-scenes story of how a brutal murder is solved through the extraordinary use of forensic science and superb courtroom techniques. Blonde, beautiful, sweet and sexy-- Karla Brown is everyone's American dream girl. But her fiance in the small town of Wood River, Illinois, ends with her murder. Karla's body is discovered in her basement,naked from the waist down, hideously brutalized. At first, the police suspect Karla's fiance, then her stepfather and an ex-suitor. But all have alibis. Obsessed investigators comb the country, refusing to let the trail grow cold. Then, forensic experts discover startling new evidence. While they analyze bite marks and psychological profile charts of the killer's personality, detectives develop a plan to lure the murderer into revealing himself. Until, finally, a prosecutor's brilliant courtroom strategies convict a young man with a vicious hatred of women.